Linyi Yuan Bo Chemical prominent leading product advantages improve the industrial chain optimization
                              TIME2016-06-17 16:40:00

                              Linyi far Bo Chemical prominent leading product advantages improve the industrial chain optimization

                              TIME: 2016-6-17 04:40:00 PM

                              WASHINGTON "highlight leading products, strengthen research cooperation, the pursuit of 'aggregate effect', far Bo Chemical ushered in the second pioneering the development of the spring." After 10 years, from an unknown small workshop production of chemical, development and expansion of China's largest production base and dimethyl sulfate nitromethane world's best supplier, Linyi far Bo Chemical created a miracle in the history of the chemical industry.

                              The middle of winter, into the far Bo Chemical, greeted plant area into a piece of green belt. "The more talk the more environmentally friendly chemical companies talk green, built a garden-like plant, mental and physical pleasure, not only for employees to work, but also to establish a corporate social image." Yuan Bo, deputy general manager Ding Lidong Chemical bluntly, focus on green sustainable the development of the far Bo Chemical has always insisted on technological innovation, highlighting the "DME - dimethyl sulfate - nitromethane" as a technology upgrade requirements subject, into the body, through technological inputs, cooperative series of initiatives, is expected to increase this year sales of 200 million yuan in profits and taxes reached 20 million yuan.

                              Benefit is the source of continuous development of enterprises, in order to develop it is inseparable from technological innovation. In order to expand market share, improve the level of automation of production lines, reduce consumption, save energy, make production safer and more environmentally friendly, on the basis of full argument and research, since the beginning of June 2012, Linyi far Bo Chemical original 10,000 tons / in dimethyl sulfate production line technological transformation, the replacement of equipment, installation of automatic control system, so that production capacity expanded to 30,000 tons / year, while the company invested 80 million yuan on a new 100,000 tons / year of DME production line.

                              DME project workshops, machines roaring sound, always filling the busy scene. "Tsinghua University in 2012 and, to our original production of DME station to transform, using a solid acid catalyst step synthesis process is currently the most advanced production technology of DME, methanol in the solid catalyst in the gas phase dehydration step dimethyl ether, whether it is the production technology, environmental protection, safety, energy conservation, product quality and other aspects are better than other production technologies. "Zhao Shenghai introduced the project leader, not only after the transformation process of production to achieve a" zero discharge Chi " etherification unit discharge of waste water from the cod 10000mg / l or more decreased to 50mg / l or less, and ether purity consists of 98% to 99.5%, first-class product quality for the development of enterprises gain a competitive space.

                              Faced with the new situation of the development of chemical industry, Linyi far Bo Chemical full play the leading product development advantages, we have completed dimethyl sulfate esterification, distillation production process of technological innovation and transformation. "Dimethyl sulfate as our leading products, has been the development of our business niche products, since last year, has been the use of technological innovation, the DME absorption and esterification reactions were combined in one step and to achieve continuous production, further use of steam production process, saving up to 30%. "project responsible person said Zheng Yan Fu, improve production technology, improve resource utilization, greatly reduce production costs.

                              Technology upgrades far Bo chemical once again walk in the forefront of the domestic industry. "Late last year, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Li Zhongyuan Shi, chairman of seven expert at Tsinghua heard Linyi far Bo Chemical Co., report on the work and on-site technical reports, review the information, rigorous inquiry and discussion, agreed that solid results of basic research, development test well, forming a continuous production of dimethyl sulfate systems improve the conditions of technology, innovation and strong, overall reached the international advanced level. "Dingli Dong said dimethyl sulfate far Bo Chemical is the world's only production first with the industry, the quality has reached the highest level in the industry, so as to have a greater competitive advantage.

                              Now, in the stabilization of the economy slow, steady down trend for the better, leading around Linyi far Bo chemical industry, efforts to improve the industrial chain, the establishment of a soil improvement with chloropicrin and led complex and disinfectants promotion Center, Akumal attract French companies, Dow Chemical and other world-class chemical companies to produce dimethyl disulfide, allyl chloride and other excellent soil improvement and disinfectants and chloropicrin scientific complex , soil improvement to establish a world-class, disinfectants and development, production, compounding center offers a full range of soil improvement, disinfection products, and comprehensively improve the overall competitiveness and ability to resist risks.